The Six Core Tenets

A bonsai is a unique creation — at once alive yet still soulfully crafted by human hands. Where size is managed and beauty emerges through focused restraint. Quite literally, a living art form.

For thirty years, I have applied this bonsai philosophy to business — an organic, inside-out approach to creating and developing a highly successful, multimillion-dollar enterprise.

I have coined the term Bonsai Business Model to describe this counterintuitive approach…

  • Where business is experienced as a living entity, to be nourished; not
    as a machine to be “run.”
  • Where shape trumps size.
  • Where caring fosters growth.
  • Where harmony outweighs hegemony.
  • Where identity is well grounded.
  • Where the aim is for beauty.

Through this website, I invite you to a deeper conversation about this alternative and successful approach to business – and to life. I share with you my thinking and my approach, and I hope you’ll return the favor and share your insights and aspirations with me as well.