November 2010
Business as “The Art of Serving”

Bonsai is described as a horticultural art – creating with live material. You take a small plant, and you artfully craft it on the fly. By “on the fly” I mean it does not sit still. Not like working with clay or paint which, while vital, do not grow. In Bonsai art, the plant is alive as you work with it and on it.

I can’t think of a better definition of business.

In business, we endlessly create ways to serve our clients better, using the best of the collected talents of our team. We grow into a rhythm with our clients, and we keep probing to know them and their needs better. Then we create ways to satisfy those needs. And once those needs are met, we probe deeper into their needs.

This is creative, artful ways of serving another. And we get paid for it. Business as the art of serving.