June 2012
Start in Between

As I have studied leadership and management over the years, most models frame the discussion from the perspective of the subjects involved, for example: customer and business; or management and employee. I call this “subject framing.”

In my business, we’ve recently taken as a counterintuitive starting point — neither customer nor business; neither management nor  employee.  We have moved away from the poles, and we are exploring the space in between.

We are using the language of commitment – the invisible connective tissue between the two ends.

We’ve started to have intentional conversations about our commitments:  what am I committed to in my life, and what am I committed to when I walk through that door at work each day?

We are starting in the relationship, which brings a Braque-ian change in perspective. As Braque’s work challenged the Renaissance sense of space and orientation, by beginning in “the between”  – in commitment – our office shifts to a different level of interaction, and to a different experience of contribution.

Stay tuned as our experiment progresses.