July 2012
Centering Your Business

Leaders don’t know where they are going, but they do know where they are headed.  And they head off in that direction in a centered way, inspiring others to follow.

This is one of the insights I’ve learned recently from the Art of Leadership Mastery program offered by the Scott Coady at the Institute for Embodied Wisdom out of Ojai, California.

Leaders need to be centered and to act from a place of centeredness — to exercise conscious choice instead of unconscious reaction.  George Leonard in his classic work Mastery makes this point convincingly.

Raising bonsai is an exercise in being centered, and can only be done well from center.  The bonsai is already centered, and we can learn to center from our interaction with it.

How centered is our business? What can we do to center our leaders? Ourselves?

What missteps have you made along the way because you were not centered?