July 2011
Waiting in Business

“Now” is a word which has quite a fan club in our world. I realize sometimes “now” is when things need to be done.

That said, I would like to start another fan club, and that is for waiting.

I’ve found sometimes (notice the word even “some-times”) some “time” is what is needed right now.

I feel I can often end up being pushed by technology, market opportunities, windows that can close, and so on. We all know the phrases.

Underneath that “now” craze is a sense of urgency and perhaps an inflated sense of my influence on the world.

I guess I am trying to get at the notion of rhythm. Business is a rhythm, with inhales and exhales, with ins and outs. It is in dance with a lot of other rhythms, like the economy, the national mood, , my energy level, my attention capacity, what is going on in the lives of our company’s staff, the climate, and so forth.

And sometimes, weighing all those factors, waiting is the most effective action. Waiting is not doing “nothing.” Waiting is a response.