February 2012
Surrendering to the mystery of growth

Growth in a Bonsai remains a dance of intention and surrender. You guide some growth through binding some part of the plant.

Often in business, we remain bound, but in another way. We are bound by the materialist paradigm which tells that what is real is what we can sense and see, what we can measure and manipulate.

But what about all those things we cannot control? Ever stop to try to understand what is actually happening when something grows? Think about it.

Is it more of what was there that shows up, but only more of it? Is that what growth is? Or is there something inside the thing that changes too, the part we don’t see. Whether the growth is hair, a finger nail, a bonsai, or an organization growth —  it is happening inside, as well as outside.

Where does inside end and outside begin? What does the inside of an organization look like? Where do you go to find it, and how do you care for it?  How are you growing your business’s insides?