December 2011
Declutter your business

Peter Drucker recommended a regular practice of systematic abandonment. By this he meant a regular review to discover what you do that you only do because you have always done it. Then, he recommended you stop going what is no longer relevant or needed.

We just completed an office renovation, and we were surprised by how much junk we threw out. This cleaning our physical space prompted a parallel review of our procedures, and we found plenty of clutter, an accumulation of layered procedures that were unnecessarily redundant. And we were blind to the duplicity until we intentionally looked at it.

We had to stop momentarily and look at our procedures so we could permanently stop doing stuff we don’t need to do anymore. Think of it as Spring cleaning for internal procedures.

Beyond procedures, look around and find the physical clutter that’s gumming up your physical space. Old binders. Dead files. Lifeless mementos. These accrue like barnacles on your physical space, and imperceptibly they create a drag on your company.

With Spring coming, cull through your physical space and your internal procedures, and eliminate what might be choking your growth. Think of it as weeding your garden to give your bonsai business the space and the air it needs to grow.